D'Cunha Industriemaschinen GmbH

The Garden Showroom

In our garden, you will find the same global influence that is our working trademark. We have planted here, a great diversity of plants from all over the world (at least those that can live through our North German winters). Water and Wind, ancient Chinese "Feng Shui" as well as Japanese stone figures are to be found everywhere.

Our warehouse is situated opposite the garden and it was created to be very modern, but still pleasant. Here we keep a small number of machines for demonstration purposes. We try to keep the greater number of our machines in the factories (where they are purchased) for as long as possible. This enables purchasers to converse freely with the operators, take tips on use of the machine, view the parts made and otherwise familiarise themselves with the machinery they are planning to purchase. What use is a machine standing around cold in a hall to a prospective buyer? Try our system and see which one YOU prefer.