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The Place

Celle with it´s fascinating toy town look is full of history. It was due to an unhappy love that our Castle went down in history. Caroline Mathilde, Guelph princess and Danish queen, came to Celle spending her exile in the palace. Her husband expelled her from the country, after he had found out, that she had an affair with the Danish state minister Struensee. So, it is "thanks" to the destiny of this unlucky woman, that the town Castle, with its lavishly furnished rooms, still testifies the splendor which was brought to Celle from 1772-1775 by Caroline Mathilde living there.

There are stories of the existence of tunnels, used in the old days, for escape to the castle in troubled times. Our town theatre in the castle is Germany´s oldest Baroque style still in use and is very active with plays throughout the year. Officially opened in 1675, it saw French musicians and Italian comedians entertaining the public in those days, and still does nowadays with performances and musicals.

Shopping, sipping good wines in cellar wine bars, old and fine beer pubs, good restaurants, old forests full of wildlife, Celle provides a whole range of interests for all ages - certainly an experience not to be missed. We extend to you our invitation to visit the company and enjoy a relaxing stay in Celle. Celle will be enjoyable, and D´Cunha Industriemaschinen GmbH will be profitable for you. Welcome to Celle and to D´Cunha Industriemaschinen GmbH!