D'Cunha Industriemaschinen GmbH


In 1984, Mark D´Cunha started the business as a sole trader, dealing in CNC machine tools. At this time there were only a handful of companies worldwide, dealing in used CNC equipment. It was thanks to a lot of help from these few colleagues, as well as his perseverance and also through his global connections of friends and business partners, that soon his small company became a reference point within the machine tool market. The company rapidly gained international acknowledgement and approval.

Despite the crises that, during the 80´s and 90´s, badly affected the machine tool industry, the "one man band" Mark D´Cunha, along with his wife´s support developed, and founded in 1988, the limited company (GmbH). Since then the company holds the present name and the symbol for natural precision: The Kingfisher.

D´Cunha Industriemaschinen GmbH is located in Celle and we welcome national & international customers to our enchanting garden. The showroom resembles more a "clean room" and is under permanent supervision. Mark D´Cunha is well known among his customers for his advice and ability to find the machine exactly needed, a request that we are always pleased to satisfy. This has led many companies to turn to us in order to fulfil their needs.

The company has striven for and succeeded in achieving great customer loyalty, with multiple repeat orders a custom and not an exception.