D'Cunha Industriemaschinen GmbH

Used Machines


Description Manufacturer Model Year Control Brief information
Tool Presetting device Kelch Kalimat 500/60 EA1 1980    
CNC Vertical Lathe VTL Schiess Froriep 40 DE13-2500/3500x2500 1989/2010 Fanuc 0i-T Faceplate Ø 2500 mm. Turning Ø 3500 mm. Turning height 2500 mm
CNC Vertical Lathe (VTL) with C-Axis and driven tooling Morando Comau Phoenix to be advised ECS 2400 Table Ø 2000 mm. Swing Ø 3200 mm. Turn height 2500 mm.
CNC 3D Gantry Type Coordinate Measuring Machine Carl Zeiss MMZ G 30 40 20 2008 Zeiss CNC C99 X 3000 mm. Y 4000 mm. Z 2000 mm.