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Proposal Number MH-6126

Horizontal Machining Centre with Pallet Automation System

  Manufacturer   Makino
  Model   a51-A219
  Year   2007
  Control   Fanuc 310is-A / Makino Professional 5
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  Number of pallets in System: 16 pallets linear pool LPST
  Pallet size: 400 x 400 mm
  Pallet load: max. 400 kg
  Pallet change time: 7 sec.
  NC Rotary Table - 4th Axis: B-Axis 0.001°
  Column cross travel: X 560 mm
  Spindle vertical travel: Y 560 mm
  Table longitudinal travel: Z 600 mm
  Distance between the table surface and spindle centreline:   80 ~ 640 mm
  Distance from spindle nose to table centre:   70 ~ 670 mm
  Workpiece swing diameter: max. 630 mm
  Height above pallet : max. 900 mm
  Feeds: X/Y/Z 1 - 40000 mm/min.
  Rapids: X/Y/Z 50000 mm/min.
  Spindle taper: DIN 69893
  Spindle bearing diameter: 85 mm
  Spindle drive motor : 15 min. 22 KW
  Spindle speeds: 50 - 12000 rpm
  Spindle torque: max. 166 Nm
  Tool taper: HSK-A63
  Tool magazine positions MATRIX magazine: 219 positions
  Tool diameter with/without adjacent tools: 70 / 170 mm
  Tool length: max. 400 mm
  Tool weight: max. 8/12 kg
  Tool-to-tool time: 0.9 ~ 1.1 sec.
  Chip-to-chip time: 3.2 sec.
  Machine weight: approx. t.b.a. kg
  Machine dimensions: L x W x H t.b.a. mm x mm x mm
  Equipped with:   Twin pallet pallet changer in front of the machine.
LPST Linear Pallet Pool with 16 pallet stands and 2 pallet loading stations.
Full chip and splash guards.
Operator door with safety interlocking system.
Machine light (work area).
3 colour signal lamp.
Coolant unit with vacuum rotation filtration system.
Filtration 40 µm.
Coolant tank volume 1700 l.
8 adjustable coolant nozzles around the spindle unit, 27 l/min., 3 bar.
Coolant flush with 12 coolant nozzles in the roof covers, 105 l/min., 3 bar.
High pressure coolant through the spindle centre, 70 bar pressure, with selectable pressure steps via M-Function (30/40/50/60/70 bar).
Chip conveyor (lift up 1200 mm).
X,Y,Z axes fitted with linear scales for direct measurement.
Rigid tapping / Direct tapping to 3000 rpm.
12.1" TFT LCD colour grapics screen.
Warm up program.
Cutting force monitor.
Spindle overload monitor.
Tool life control.
Spare tool call up strategy.
Tool monitoring system.
Tool monitoring strategies.
High speed machining, GI.3 control, milling contours at high speeds.
RS232C Interface.
Data Center: memory 4 MB, data management function.
PCMCIA card slot.
Data input during automatic running is possible.

Easy operation with function buttons:
Reference point.
Tool Change.
Automatic travel to a free selectable setup position.
Z axis retract.

Diagnostic System.

Linear interpolation.
Circular interpolation.
Nano interpolation.
Helical interpolation.
Cylinder interpolation.

Probe for tool length measurement and tool breakage control.

3D Measuring probe Marposs Mida.

Oil mist suction unit.

Clear view rotation window in the operator door.


  Condition:   Very good condition.
The machine and system have been very well maintained and cared for.
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