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Proposal Number L-3721

CNC Multi-Axis Lathe for Larger Complex Components

  Manufacturer   SNK
  Model   SLX 100 x 6000
  Control   Fanuc 31i-A5
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  Swing diameter over the bed:   1790 mm
  Swing diameter over the cross slides:   1480 mm
  Diameter for collision-free 5-axis milling between centres: max. 1000 mm
  Turning length: max. 6000 mm
  Work piece weight between centres: max. 10000 kg
  Travels: X 850 mm
    Y 800 (+/- 400) mm
    Z 6500 mm
  Milling head swivelling range: B +/- 90 degrees
  Feeds: X/Y/Z 10000 mm/min.
    B 1440 °/min.
    C 3600 °/min.
  Rapids: X/Y/Z 20000 mm/min.
    B 2880 °/min.
    C 7200 °/min.
  Spindle nose:   JIS A2-15
  Spindle bore:   90 mm
  Spindle bearing diameter:   240 mm
  Spindle drive motor rating:   45 / 37 KW
  Spindle speeds:   10 - 1000 rpm
  Gear steps:   2
  Spindle torque: max. 4929 Nm
  Spindle indexing: C 0.001 degrees
  Chuck diameter:   630 mm
  Milling unit::  
  Tool taper:   ISO 50
  Milling unit motor rating:   37 / 30 KW
  Milling unit speeds:   60 - 4000 rpm
  Automatic tool changer for milling unit:   60-station
  Tool diameter with/without adjacent tools: max. 100 / 160 mm
  Tool length: max. 600 mm
  Tool weight: max. 20 kg
  Tailstock travel:   4955 mm
  Tailstock quill diameter:   230 mm
  Tailstock quill travel:   250 mm
  Machine weight: approx. 65000 kg
  Equipped with:   AAC - automatic head changer for 3 heads;
Chip conveyor;
Hydraulic chuck;
Steady rest;
Milling heads:
- Rotating head ISO 50, double contact
- Extension
- 1-axis CNC tilting milling head;
  Condition:   Excellent. UNUSED MACHINE!
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